The Rising International Short Festival is celebrated in the City of Mumbai in India. This year it arrives at its Second edition, summoning the filmmakers to register their films to be screened and seen by more than 500+ people, which was the participation of the last year. 

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The awards by category:
Best Short Script
Best Indie Short
Best Drama Short
Best Documentary Short
Best Romantic Short
Best Comedy Short
Best Dark Comedy Short
Best Adventure Short
Best Action Short


All films should have a maximum length of 55 minutes.

The films must include English subtitles (unless the spoken language is English).
The scripts must be written in English.


Best Fiction Short film, 
Best Animation Short Film, 
Best Documentary Short film, 
Best LGBT Short Film,
Best Experimental short film, 
Best Fantastic short film, 
Best Horror short film. 
Best actor 
Best actress 
Best director 
Best screenplay 
Best cinematography 
Best art direction 


Selection Procedure

Each round, all submitted projects are featured in Festival site and social media (with the publication of synopsis, stills and a trailer/teaser) as part of a general promotional action of Festival production. The submitter has the option of decline any public highlight, as long as notify Festival, keeping however the project(s) under consideration. These projects are judged by a random team of invited experts from academia and film industry from Mumbai area, against a high standard of merit.

From the pool of official selection, which has a very competitive acceptance rate, India chose the nominees and award winners of the season. Some of the award-winning projects, selected by the programmers of Festival, are publicly screened in Mumbai at the end of each round.

Mission & Values

The 3rd Rising International Short Fest, Mumbai, is a cinematographic meeting to watch and enjoy world films; In a space that seeks to incorporate the entire community, artists and the public in general, to experience different cultures through the language of film. 

Festival Stars in..








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Rising International Short Film Festival as a world cinema festival has the objective of attracting and creating public, creating awareness, amusing, through the projection and exchange of cinematographic proposals that encourage dialogue, discussion and debate. It promotes the meeting between creators, directors, producers, talent … Projects films of recognized filmmakers, in addition to discover new directors who contribute to the world cinema.

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